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For over 100 years the Chamber of Commerce has been helping local small businesses network together to grow their businesses. We are now bringing local business networking into the digital age with the Chamber Voice. This incredible tool allows Chamber members to refer their friends, family and business associates to each other in a few seconds using our voice recognition app.

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Using Chamber Voice, local chamber members can refer each other to friends, family, and business associates. Members can use Chamber Feed to post special offers, employment opportunities, new products, and new services.

Business Network.

We want our members to be able to refer anyone in our network knowing that your friends, family and business associates will be well taken care of by our allied businesses

Special Offers.

The Chamber feed gives great exposure for special offers and discounts

Handy Apps.

Our mobile apps provide fast and easy tools for membership

  • Member Features

    Daily member features for effective membership.

  • Android and iPhone

    Our app is available on Iphone and Android phones.

  • The Referring Features

    Sending and receiving referrals is easy with our voice recognition feature.

  • Offers and Discounts

    Your deals and offers are visible to customers and other members on the Chamber feed.

  • See Chamber Members

    Ability to see other members with their deals in your chamber.

  • Rewards

    Awesome rewards to incentivize referrals to each other.

  • Find and Locate

    Referrals go out with a GPS link to your location.


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The voice recognition Feature

Simply say, "Plumber, electrician, dentist", or any key word into the App to bring up a local member in that industry. The App asks you who you want to refer, and their phone number. Chamber Voice then sends the referral, and the contact information. Now, both parties have each others contact information.


A Micro-Blog Feature

Imagine hundreds of local Chamber Members giving you a referral or two each year and linking local offers that go viral! Our incredible new platform helps you refer other Chamber Members in a few seconds and receive referrals from hundreds of members all year long. Just another incredible feature when you connect with your Local Chamber of Commerce.

How It Works

Our Chamber Voice App allows members to speak into their phone with a key word that enables the member to refer a friend, business associate, or family member to a local Chamber business in a few seconds.


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